We are founded on the principle that all music learning should include music exploration, performing, theoretical knowledge, ear training, rhythm training and listening exercises where many musical genres are discovered. We achieve this by integrating a variety of creative teaching tools and techniques to keep our students engaged, and we encourage all students to be “active explorers” of music.  At the same time, our learning environment encourages musical expression and individual interpretation.  

All of our programs will include a number of the following musical elements:

  • Learning to play and perform effectively with your instrument
  • Engaging theory exploration
  • Music composition and songwriting experiences
  • Learning music through visual arts, movement, colour and shape (especially for our younger students)
  • Audio and recording experiences
  • Audio looping and microphone training

We want to match you with a teacher who can bring out the best in you as a student. We offer premium music instruction in Sherwood Park, and we are confident that you will LOVE your music lessons, which is why we offer a 3 lesson discounted trial package.  Ask us about our 3-lesson trial package today by calling us at 780-570-5699.