Crescendo music instructors are dedicated to enhancing their student’s skill, confidence and artistry. They thrive on celebrating achievement with their students, not only at recitals and major events but every time they come together in a lesson. As owners, we value each of our music instructors’ unique talents, experience, education, and their ongoing desire to grow in their musicianship and effectiveness as teachers of music.

Our Owners

Leanne Cummings

Dean Cummings

Our Teachers

Leanne Cummings

Kate Ashton

Samantha Bachman, B. Mus.

Stephanie Bent, B.A.

Sue Bischoff

Julia Borden

Tiegen Costa B. Mus

Shalynn Cavanagh, B. Ed.

Erin Craig, M. Mus., ARCT.

Jackson Howard, B. Mus.

Annika Keewatin

David Leibel, Dip. Mus.

Kim Lesaca, Dip. Mus.

Nick McDonald, B. Mus.

Tanner Olson, Dip. Mus.

Dale Osbaldeston, B. Mus.

Taylor Price, Dip. Mus.

Elias Rudyk

Sandra R., AARS

Kate Southwell, Dip. Mus.

Cam Steele, B. Mus.

Eric Sutherland, Dip. Mus.

Allison Zaragoza

Lelin Zheng

Our Customer Service Staff

Esther Dueck

Lori Laumbach, Dip. Advertising & Public Relations