The Importance of Continuity

CONTINUITY IN LEARNING “The length of time it takes to lose a skill, is proportional to the time it took you to learn the skill.  We see this in our lives all the time, with the example of riding a bike or playing a musical instrument that we practiced for hours…we don’t really lose these skills, although like our old bikes, they do."       - Timothy A. Pychyl, Ph.D. Psychology Professor, Carleton University If you really stop to reflect on this past year, you’ll begin to realize just how far you and/or your child have come in regards to… read more >>

Practice Tips 2018

Parents and students, we first of all want to welcome you to a fantastic year of music making!  We would like to partner with you to help achieve great success and a sense of accomplishment in your son or daughter’s music lessons! Parents, we would like to encourage you to watch practice times and ensure the practice written on the lesson plan is based on the actual time you spend with your instrument and the songs and exercises assigned on the lesson plan. If you would like more detail or we can help give you better instructions, please do not hesitate… read more >>