Video Showcase

As a music school that encourages performances and sees a definite value in performing, we try to offer a variety of opportunities throughout the year. Video Showcase is an alternative to the Sherwood Park Music Festival. It is for students who would like to present their music in a more casual environment with a much smaller audience while still receiving valuable feedback and accolades from our highly qualified adjudicators. We will video this performance, and the video will be sent on to our adjudicators to receive comprehensive and valuable feedback. Our top video showcase performances will be awarded and recognized at a special ceremony. We invite you to perform one or more songs at our April Video Showcase. Any style of music is welcome and we provide lots of flexibility regarding the types of performance and music that is presented! 

Video Showcase 2024 – Monday, April 22 to Saturday, May 4

Participation in Video Showcase involves:

1. Registering for Showcase (with a paid registration fee).

2. Attending your scheduled filming date.

3. Receiving feedback from our expert adjudicators.

Details regarding our upcoming Crescendo Video Showcase:

1. To prepare you for video showcase, you and your teacher will choose songs and work to perfect these songs (preferably memorized).

 2. We will schedule a quality filming of your performance one-on-one with a professional videographer. We will film performances between April 22 and May 4. Your specific day and time will be communicated to you by email in the second week of April.

 3. Entries will be categorized under the levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced and focused further in the following instrument categories:

o   Piano Students

o   Voice or Musical Theatre Students

o   Guitar or Ukulele Students

o   Drum Students

o   Violin Students

o   Music Composition Students

o   Speech Arts Students

o   Digital Production Students

4. Your professionally filmed performance will be uploaded onto Google Drive and will only be viewed by our teachers at Crescendo Music Studios, our adjudicators and, if you wish, with your friends and family.

5. We have amazing adjudicators that have been hired to provide feedback on the video performances, including written feedback for each student. In past years, we have had professional musicians and songwriters, as well as Grant MacEwan professors adjudicate for us.

The adjudicators will also offer recommendations for the “top awards” performances that will be announced by May 21, 2024!

There will be a number of prizes awarded for our “top awards” performers. These will be given out at a special “Crescendo Performance Premiere” event where top students will be given the opportunity to either present their performances live or by video (if they choose to participate!).  This is a Premiere Event you won’t want to miss!

6.       The fee for each entry is based on level:

o   $28 for beginners

o   $35 for intermediate

o   $39 for advanced students

There are NO REFUNDS issued once you are registered. 

Registration is now open and must be completed by March 25, 2024. 

You can register over the phone, by email confirmation, in the studio or through the following links:

                                Beginner – Click Here

                                Intermediate – Click Here

                                Advanced – Click Here

 7. This event requires a solid commitment to practicing between now and April’s video performance. This is absolutely, for your benefit and these recommendations come to you based on our experience. However, from that experience, we would like to suggest that you will not achieve your desired outcome if you do not commit to adequately preparing for this event.

Please understand, if you don’t feel now is the right time to consider something like this, we are 100% behind your decision and fully respect and support whatever you decide.

Please call or email us if you would like more information.

780-570-5699 or office@crescendomusicstudios.ca.