We provide a wide variety of parented and unparented group lesson options (some long-term and some short-term), designed to teach core musical concepts and inspire students to create music in a “team” environment. Our well educated, high caliber teachers are passionate about teaching and have a great deal of experience teaching in a group-learning environment.  Our classes include ear training, rhythm development, music reading and even some singing.  Students are often given the option to perform together which will help them gain confidence as young musicians .  We have even developed a separate website designed just for our MYC parents and students to provide valuable resources and lesson plans to you!

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Group Website for Students

Pricing for Babies & Toddlers Lessons – 2020 to 2021

Pricing for Group Lessons (inc. MYC, WeJam, Chorus and Musical Theatre) – 2020 to 2021

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At this time we are not offering any camps over Spring Break 2021.

We offer fun-filled camps during Spring Break and throughout the summer.   We have two options to chose from including Musical Theatre & Rock Band Camp.  These camps run for a full week, 9am to 4pm each day, Monday through Friday.  We will work on recording projects, song writing, crafts, outdoor activities and at the end of each week, will put on an amazing concert for family and friends!

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This is a keyboard-based, music program where the parent and child learn together. MYC™ has been used to teach toddlers and children (up to the age of 8) the foundation of music education with piano, in a group setting for more than 30 years. Today there are over 800 locations on 3 continents, confirming that MYC™ is an international leading quality program for early childhood music education.  Check out their website at: https://www.myc.com/

This program is designed by an early-childhood specialist with a focus on music education, early childhood learning styles and learning challenges.  The MYC™ method speaks directly to our students with age-appropriate activities to help develop not only their ability to play and read music, but also cognitive, physical, and social skills.  Students will play piano, sing, and collaborate with their classmates each week!  You will find our MYC™ certified teachers to be energetic, well educated, and professional. Pricing ranges from $99 to $109 per month plus MYC registration and book fees.

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We offer a 10 or 12-week Crescendo Kids Chorus Program where you will sing a wide variety of music together with others your age.  You will learn how to sing in unison together, develop listening skills, breathing techniques, and if all goes according to plan, you will also learn how to harmonize together!  We will add movement and other elements as we continue to advance our skills throughout the program.  We will sing contemporary music and a variety of other choral-friendly styles! There will be a concert at the end of each term so that you can share your music with family and friends!

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We offer a 10 or 12-week Crescendo Girls Group Program where you will sing a wide variety of music together with others your age.  In Girls Group you will learn how to sing in harmony with others, breathe with proper technique, create choreography for a variety of songs, and perform at our recitals, local coffee shops, and Sherwood Park Music Festival if we feel ready to do so!

Girls Group requires the student to have prior performance experience, such as coffee shops, Keep It Local, Festival, Markets, etc. 

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Note: Trademark of The Music Class

Music Pups™ is a licensed program created by Rob Sayer. This is a well-researched, highly educational and very engaging parented program for young children and babies ages 6 months to 4 years.  These are fun-filled classes with singing, dancing, movement, and instrument play. We will partner with you to enrich your child’s musical development, increase their music potential, and inspire further brain development.  We will explore a wide variety of musical styles and we will use various instruments and music-based activities to ignite a passion and excitement for music in your baby or toddler (and you)!

Each class is 45 minutes in length and our class terms are approximately 10 weeks. Families receive a CD and songbook with a broad variety of energizing songs and activities designed to stimulate music learning and enjoyment. Mixed age classes are promoted and encouraged.  Two kids in one family will receive a discount!  Here is a link to The Music Class™ website for further information: http://www.themusicclass.com/index.aspx.  Pricing is $180 per ten weeks and includes music book and CD.

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Class Options & Pricing 2020-2021

We offer a 14-Week Musical Theatre Program where you will collaborate with other musicians your age as we move on stage, sing, tell a story and dress in character!  You will learn acting and staging skills, storytelling and performing techniques, and simply have loads of fun together with your new friends and our energetic instructors.  We have a large room and will maintain all socially distanced protocols this fall.  Our program will also include one-on-one time AND professional audio recording experience in a fully equipped recording studio.

Our final performance with be a professional, video show that you can share with your family and friends.

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WeJam is a program all about learning to perform. This program will teach more about collaborating with other musicians and creating music, as well as successful tips on performing live for an audience. During WeJam you will explore new musical concepts, improve your ear, learn how to set up sound on stage, and of course, create a strong connection with your bandmates!

When setting up a band we take into account our students’ ages, musical experience, and genre(s) of music you might enjoy exploring. We team up our bands to fit everyone’s interests and musical level. This means that not all bands could contain every instrument: groups vary from duos, trios, bands, to vocal-only groups! WeJam is designed to encourage a love of music and collaborating with others for students with all levels of experience and ages.  We are looking forward to rocking out with you!