Crescendo Sound Studio

Record. Mix. Master.

Play, sing and record your own music in a professional studio setting!

Crescendo Music Studios is proud to offer this outstanding opportunity for our students!


Introducing Janak Naidu, Crescendo’s in-house producer.


I have worked as a music producer for the last eight years, mainly in composition and audio engineering. Over the years I have gained experience in engineering live events such as Crescendo’s recitals and Musical Theatre productions as well as in-studio experience. I have worked with artists all over the world as a songwriter and have produced hundreds of songs.

As a producer for Crescendo Sound Studio, I aim to give clients and students the best product using state of the art equipment. My role as a music producer is to help shape and move your song in the direction of your dreams. Your song matters to me and I want to see your vision come to life!

What to expect from a session:

For the studio session you will come with a prepared written song or cover. From there we plan how you want your song to sound, and how we will achieve that sound. Next, we record whatever needs to be recorded live over a backing track or your own instrument! Finally, I will create a rough draft of a mix for you to listen to as your session ends. Sessions typically last between 1-2 hours (if you are well prepared beforehand) but can run longer, depending on how much you wish to add; i.e. extra instruments, digital production, etc.

For more information please call us at 780-570-5699.