Benefits of Music in the Lives of Young Children

Children learn more effectively through their daily experiences and activities than anything else. Bringing music into their lives as a part of their weekly routine provides a wide range of benefits for everyone involved in the child’s life. Some examples of these benefits are listed below!


For Children:


  • Development of early literacy, language,  and communication skills! From the very early stages of a child’s life, music allows children to practice and memorize words and sentence structures. For the little ones, even the ABC’s are a crucial literary skill that will stay with them forever!
  • Early brain development is fostered by exposure and participation in music. Research has proven that the earlier children are exposed to music, the more effectively they respond to stimulation in the world around them. Music experience before the age of 7 provides the child with significant benefits in planning and gross motor skills. 
  • Music contributes to calming and soothing active children! Whether it’s lying down for a rest, or just cooling off after an intense play session, listening and engaging in music slow down the heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Music has been proven as an effective method in reducing stress in young children. 
  • Social and emotional skills such as better self-control, higher self-esteem and confidence allow children to succeed in their peer interactions, and as individuals. 
  • Physical skills are enhanced by movement during songs and musical games. Hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and blood flow and just a few of the physical benefits associated with participation in musical activities. 


For Parents:


  • More family time! When children are provided with a musical education during the day, it eliminates having to drive to music lessons in the evenings. This allows more time to relax in the evenings and enjoy being with your child.
  • Happier children! Exposure to music during the day is undoubtedly joy-inducing! Research has shown that one-year-old babies who participate in interactive music classes smile more, communicate better and show earlier and more sophisticated brain responses toward their parents. 
  • Bonding with your child! When a child is frequently exposed to music, they will often return home with new songs and stories to share. They’ll be excited to sing to you, to teach you the songs they’ve learned, and to share movements they’ve learned along with their music that day. You may be familiar with some of our songs, which will allow you to bond with your child by singing and making music together. 


For Early Childhood Educators:


  • Respite for staff and teachers. Weekly music classes allow childhood educators to take a rare breath during a busy day of educating and caring for small children. A refreshing break while the children are entertained leads to better, more energized staff.
  • New opportunities for teaching and play. Music inspires children like nothing else! Educators will have the opportunity to build on the children’s experiences by incorporating some new songs into their repertoire and to use music and movement in their playtime. From playscapes to planning curriculum, having children who are interested in music creates a world of possibility! 


Whether a child, parent, or educator, regularly scheduled music programs offer a wide array of benefits. Crescendo Music Studios would be proud to bring the benefits of music to your organization!