Registration for Summer and Fall 2024: What to Expect

Registration for our 2024-2025 calendar year is fast approaching! We’ve put together an outline including important dates that you will need to know in order to register.

For those who have taken part in the registration process in previous years, this is a good refresher. For those of you who are registering for the first time this is a great introduction. Consider doing a summer flex pass as it is a great way to familiarize yourself with our studio and teachers before regular lessons begin in September.

Important Note:  If you are a student who wishes to register for fall, but are not doing summer lessons, please do not try to register on May 5th as the registration will still need to be re-submitted on your registration day of May 11th so that we can keep everyone in a cue based on the submission date and time.   

Private Lessons 

Our online registration for summer and fall will be opening on the following dates: 

Sunday, May 5, 8:00am

Registration opens for current students who are attending lessons until the end of June 2024 and doing summer lessons.

Note: Sometimes, the “virtual line up” is 2 or 3 hours in nature so be prepared to register early. We will call you if we need to clarify any details.


Saturday, May 11, 9:00am

Registration opens for current students attending lessons until the end of June 2024 who wish to return in September 2024, but are not doing summer lessons.


Tuesday, May 21, 9:00am 

Registration opens to the public: Any students who are not existing students, or any students who are not planning to finish out the year (until the end of June 2024). 


Group Lessons 

Registration for group classes (i.e. WeJam™, Vocal Chorus, Musical Theatre, Musical Maestros) will begin on Sunday, May 5th when you register for your private lessons. 

Our 2024-2025 pricing guide and studio calendar will be emailed to existing students by mid-April. 

We will be sending you a “recommendation” from your teacher in the next couple of weeks. We will also include a link to the “registration request page.” This link will go “live” as of 8:00am on Sunday, May 5th. 



On the day that you are eligible to register you can click on the link to complete your form. We will call you if we need to clarify any details. (Important note: Be sure to answer your phone, even if you don’t recognize the number). 

NOTE: Our Summer Hours are as follows: 

  • Tuesday to Thursday 10am to 8pm
  • Saturday 12pm to 5pm



    1. Have you already set up your Wellness account and successfully input your payment information for summer and fall.
    2. Student Name:
    3. Which SUMMER lesson package would you like?
    4. What teacher would you PREFER & what instrument?
    5. What days/times are you available (please give us as much information as you can)?

FALL DETAILS – will be similar to above! 


In order to maximize your learning, the investment you have made to date, and to continue growing as a musician, we would like to see you at the very least 3 or 4 times through the summer. Ideally, we would see you every week and just continue the learning! Our summer flex pass does allow for very flexible scheduling throughout the summer. Basically, when you purchase your flex pass, you will schedule your “appointments” at that time. You can even skip weeks if you need to!


If you have any questions, please reach out to us by calling 780-570-5699, or emailing