Why Performing is Important for Musicians

“The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers.” 

   – Roy Ayers, Jazz Composer

At Crescendo Music Studios we believe performing is a very important part of the music learning journey. Throughout the year we strive to provide a wide variety of performance opportunities, from Crescendo recitals to the Sherwood Park Music Festival and local coffee house nights. Performing is a skill unto itself, and it is one that takes practice and repetition, the same as any other skill. Although not every student enjoys performing (and that’s okay, too), it’s important to us that we offer these opportunities, because not only do we love to watch our students continue to grow and advance with each performance, but the students’ themselves get to hone their showmanship skills. We truly believe a holistic musical education includes aspects of performance and all of the other benefits that come with preparing for a performance.


Preparing for performances helps students set goals.

Whether it be music exams, festivals, or local open mics, we see it all the time. Preparing for performances allows students the chance to choose a song they really enjoy and spend the time to master it. Mastery itself is an important skill when learning an instrument, but it’s also a huge confidence boost. Students love to know that they have achieved something concrete, and it’s a quantifiable way to see how one is improving in their music journey. 


Students must be able to set goals for themselves when they intend to perform. Setting goals is not only an integral skill in music, but it’s also a skill that all people must develop in life! The student must be able to manage their time, and put in the work to really get their song performance-ready. As teachers, we often see more growth in a students’ music journey when they have chosen to do a  performance!


Sharing your talent and getting feedback will build confidence AND mastery!


Although some students will be nervous to get on stage and perform, they will feel a sense of accomplishment after they finish their piece! Applause and feedback from an audience make the hours the student spent mastering their song worth it and knowing that they have a talent and skill all their own is a huge confidence boost. Not only this, but mastering a song for a performance involves a number of other skills: each student must have their piece memorized, overcome their own nerves and fears, and be ready to finish their performances despite any mistakes that may occur!


The other important factor in performing music live is that students will also be able to hear other musicians performing, and be inspired by them. We often hear how wonderfully diverse our recitals are; with different instruments from piano to drums, and students of all ages and level, it’s a huge opportunity for our students to see what other music genres are out there! Not only that, but often live performances will allow students to see the value of performing not only as a soloist but with other musicians. This builds a sense of community within our music school, and it’s absolutely inspiring to see students greet each other, compliment and give feedback to their peers, and in some cases, work with and make music together throughout the year. 


The most important fact of live performance… it’s FUN!


When students challenge themselves with a performance, set goals and achieve them, and finally perform for an audience, not only will they feel a HUGE sense of pride and accomplishment, but they will have fun. The best part is, the more you perform, the more fun it gets to be. Give it a try!